About AssignmentsCanada.ca

AssignmentsCanada.ca was established in 2004 to advertise the increasing number of Assignment and Pre-Sales throughout Canada. Focusing mainly on British Columbia, the site is rapidly growing to encompass the rest of Canada.

Whether you want a pre-sale apartment on the waterfront in Vancouver or in the urban heart of Toronto, we provide a detailed list of many Off-Plan and Assignment sales that are happening in Canada today.

Instead of spending time trying to locate these specific property sales, AssignmentsCanada.ca has collected them all for you. Each listing comes with a detailed description showing exactly what features the condo will have together with full building amenities. The Advanced Search feature lets you compile highly customised searches and select only the listings that interest you, again, saving you time and effort.

All Realtor information is available next to their listing making it easy for you to contact them directly concerning the apartment of your choice. If you have a general question for a Realtor, utilise the 'Ask a Realtor' option which puts you instantly in touch with a licensed Realtor.

AssignmentsCanada.ca is a free service to all Internet users. The site is designed in a unique user-friendly format that provides useful and complete information making property Assignment sales easier to navigate.

AssignmentsCanada.ca distributes its content to prospective Purchasers through prominent search engines, directories, online communities and real estate publications.

Customer Service/Feedback

To request changes to your ad please use our contact form, selecting 'Request Listing Change' from the 'Subject' menu and detail your required changes.

We welcome comments, questions and suggestions about the site and our services, these too can be sent through our contact page.

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