Why List With Us

Formed in 2004, www.AssignmentsCanada.ca advertises and promotes Canadian real estate to the UK, Hong Kong, Canadian and US markets. We provide not only listings by licensed realtors but also detailed information covering the actual buying process, the foreign transfer of funds to cover a mortgage, a currency converter, mortgage calculator, 4 realtors on hand to answer any queries, relevant articles - in fact, one stop shopping for anyone interested in purchasing property in Canada. There is no other web site that provides such a complete picture.

Such is the growing interest in Canada as a top choice for investment, retirement, emigration and holiday homes that AssignmentsCanada.ca has recently been featured in editorials in the UK's Weekly Telegraph newspaper (readership 200,000+), The Independent newspaper (readership 606,000), Homes Overseas magazine (readership 95,000) and Homes Worldwide magazine (readership 20,000). The Articles page on the AssignmentsCanada.ca web site shows these features in full.

From the South China Morning Post and The Globe and Mail to The Daily Telegraph and Vancouver Sun, from Everything America magazine to Canada News, our strong advertising campaign has resulted in excellent placements within quality, international publications. For complete coverage details, please see the Recent Advertising page on the AssignmentsCanada.ca web site.

All of the above has resulted in excellent testimonials from Canadian realtors who have sold their properties through advertising on our site; "I do think your web site has been the best advertisement vehicle for me! I highly recommend it." (Celia Shuster, Sutton Group West Coast Realty); "Great job! Well beyond my expectations. I will definitely use AssignmentsCanada.ca again for assignments and other regular listings that may require international coverage." (Richard Morrison, Pacific Place Arc Realty Ltd.).

In the UK, a second property abroad has now become an essential luxury that most successful couples and families are pursuing to significantly improve their quality of life. With the traditional European destinations becoming overrun with British investment, an increasing number of UK investors are looking to Canada for similar sales. The lure of being part of the Commonwealth with no language barrier, a soaring real estate market and a highly desirable lifestyle makes Canada a very attractive proposition. Properties that have access to high-end recreational facilities, with skiing, fishing and golf top of the agenda, are proving to be the most popular with investors, immigrants and retirees alike.

Locations that incorporate the above are highly sought after, but until now, have not had the necessary exposure in the UK. The Canadian real estate market is untapped and under-represented on the world stage and yet more and more people are looking to invest in Canada. With experience of living in both Canada and the UK, our team is knowledgeable, invaluable and unique.

To promote your properties to both the domestic and international markets, let AssignmentsCanada.ca give them the exposure they deserve.