Amazing Real Estate Opportunities in Vancouver and British Columbia

Nicola Way
From an article written for
March 2005

Ski In, Tee Off, Set Sail - Canada has it all!

From world-class recreational resorts to vibrant, cosmopolitan cities, Investment, Retirement, Emigration or Holiday Home opportunities exist right here.

Canada is currently witnessing a boom in the real estate industry and Pre-Sale buying (or 'buying Off Plan', as it is known in Europe) is increasingly popular as more and more residential developments are moving from the drawing board to the cities' skylines and resort ranges. Similarly, Assignment sales are flourishing, reflecting the high demand from buyers still wanting an apartment within popular developments that have already sold out (or are close to selling out).

Canada consistently remains one of the most desirable countries to live with more than 221,000 people emigrating there in 2003 - and already, there is a 17 increase in emigration numbers in the first half of 2004 compared with the same period in 2003.

Whether for holiday, retirement, emigration or investment purposes, the lure of being part of the British Commonwealth with no language barrier, a soaring real estate market and a highly desirable lifestyle makes Canada a very attractive proposition. Canada has always had its natural resources - its mountains and lakes - but it seems that only recently is it capitalising on them by building and expanding first-class resorts to incorporate immediate accessibility with well-designed living.

The population of metropolitan Vancouver alone will increase by approximately 80 between 1999 and 2040. As demand for housing continues to escalate, construction and cranes dominate the skylines of Canada's cities.

Success with Expo and the 2010 Olympic Games bid, ensures that Canada is no longer viewed as a wilderness of prairies, mountains and snow, but instead represents the prime choice for people wishing to move overseas.

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